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The VEED online video editor is an ongoing project that goal is to make online video editing so simple, even your cat could do it🐱. Video content has always been time-consuming and expensive to create, so we are making a simple yet powerful video editor, designed to make producing short-form video content The product is currently in beta and would love your input on how the product should be shaped.

We feel that legacy video editing tools are designed for producing long-form video content like films and tv shows, not the shot form media we consume on a day to day basis. The site has rendered over 1000 video and the website has had over 35,000 page views in its first month. We were also lucky enough to be picked up by the press in South America.

The product is currently in beta, we still have a long roadmap such as a timeline, video effects and mobile editing. I have learnt so much from this project and look foward to slowly growing it over time.

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We used and also sit down with users to identify UX flaws in the product. From just 3 UX testing sessions, we found quite a few major flaws. We implemented the user's feedback and by doing so we double the average time spent on our site as well as dramatically increasing our returning users. For example, was changed the word "Render" to Download to be more user friendly.

Another problem we had to overcome was that fact that users would not wait for their render to finish. This was because has had a loading wheel. Once we updated the project to use percentage, we saw a dramatic increase in users downloading their videos.

Running a video editing service does not come cheap. We constantly have servers running and always need to maintain the build as well as add requested features from users. Therefore we needed to move to a paid model to sustain the project. We added watermarks to the bottom of our videos. To ease the transition from free to paid we got creative and added alternative payments options. For example, users could give us feedback or share the product to skip the paywall. This resulted in us gaining valuable feedback from users but also helped us promote the product.