— R&D

Polylens is an affordable AR display built for under £20. The project was a response to the high barrier to entry with other AR headsets such as META2 and Hololens. I really wanted to build my own AR device that was affordable, similar to what google cardboard did for VR. The first version used a simple peppers ghost technique and a motion tracked app. Following a lot of interest in the project, I then developed it into a stereoscopic view using Plastic aspheric lens and a hacked google cardboard SDK re calibrated for AR head tracking. The project started as a bit of a joke, but it developed into something slightly more serious.

Everything was made out of laser cut acrylic and could be sent in the post or cut at home and the lenses could be found online. I made a few videos and posted them on youtube, they have collectively have amounted to over 100,000 video views.

I published the designs online and the incredible maker community started producing their own designs, hacks and experiments around the same concept. Below are a few of my favourites.

  • PSFK
  • VR Scout
  • Road to VR