So I just started a blog, here's why

September 18, 2018

My list of thing today and things I want to make never gets smaller, ever. Creating this blog has been on that very list for some form time.

As I was updating my website site, I took the opportunity to take action and JUST FUCKING DO IT. My Plan is to update this blog weekly (hold me accountable if I don't!).

For those how don't know me and for some reason found yourself reading this. My name is Sabba, I am a freelance creative based in London. I enjoy working on a wide range of projects that span from interaction design to entrepreneurship and travel. I have always found it hard to combine all my interest into a professional title so have stopped trying.

My Goals for this blog

  • Document work in process
  • Get better at writing
  • Learn to stick to a plan
  • Meet and interact with others
  • Be less afraid of to put me out there
  • Share my point of view
  • Learn more about content

Well, thas it! This first post was me just trying to make my initial line in the sand, the first brush stroke.

Thanks for reading

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